I love to use different tools to create beautiful content for online and offline products.
Since 2000, I have been designing, publishing and managing websites.

I grew up in the Italian part of Switzerland, speaking Italian, German, French and English, and I have lived and worked in Zurich since 1999. I spent the last four years working for two Swiss internet and online marketing agencies, for whom I successfully produced and published hundreds of websites and web projects.

Besides working full-time as web-designer and web-consultant, over the last few years I have also completed many online and offline projects as freelancer. In the winter of 2014 I decided to found my own web-design and graphic agency under the name of «Creape», a simple combination of the word «create» and letters from my first and last name: Andrea Pestoni.

Check out the portfolio to see some of my projects and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.




I am the proud father of four children and a passionate musician and songwriter. I released five albums of music between 2005 and 2014, performed more than one hundred concerts in different countries and I currently manage a small, independent music label called Fictional Island Records. In the past I also founded and managed the net-label Alpinechic, with which I published more than 40 music releases by artists from Switzerland and abroad, organized a large number of events in Zurich, and produced radio shows for local and international stations.

I create digital content for the internet and design artwork for print media with the same passion with which I write songs. In my free time I also fiddle around with videos and photography, which has lead to the production of some «no-budget» music videos that have been broadcast on different Swiss television stations.